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Watercolor balloons designer gift wrapping paper
Designer gift wrapping paper with baby photograph
Package wrapped with designer gift wrapping paper held by Carrie Weimer
Roll of designer red ladybug gift wrapping paper held by Carrie Weimer

Watercolor balloons

Special design by Eileen McKenna, watercolor artist; playful watercolor balloons. Your special birthday guest will enjoy these colorful hand drawn watercolor balloons. Their image will just float away. Let's get this party started.

  • Custom Printed Gift Wrap
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Make the Recipient Gasp
  • Just Upload Your Photo
  • Send a Smile Across the Miles
  • 29 inches wide by the length you order: 6-foot, 10-foot or 18-foot roll


What You Get

Once you add your photograph to the design we check your image for quality printing. We use imported German Crafted wrapping paper to print your design and image. The design is seven images across (29 inches) by 4 foot roll length. The gift wrap is printed on a roll with no splices so you can wrap any size gift.

100% satisfaction guarantee.