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About us


My name is Carrie Weimer and I have been in the sign and vinyl graphics business for 26 years.

I enjoy thinking of gifts for friends which can be made with the equipment and materials I use everyday.

My husband and I were going to his nephews 6th birthday party. We had a small gift for him which needed to be wrapped. As part of the invitation sent announcing his party there was a photograph of him, missing teeth and all. I got to thinking how to wrap the present and then the thought came to me, print the photograph and a number 6 looking like a candle. We wrapped the gift and went to the party.

The gift was placed in the typical pile of presents. Later during the party I noticed the gift was not in the pile. After looking around a bit I saw the present on top of the refrigerator. I spoke with my nephews mother and she said, "I saw the gift and wanted to save the gift wrapping paper, not have it ripped off the package."She started to tear up a bit when she told me how special the photo was and combining it with the birthday candle wrapped around the present. She said she would save the wrapping paper and cherish it forever.

I was so overwhelmed that such a small printed gift wrapping paper could have such a profound effect upon someone. I want to provide the opportunity for anyone to experience that overwhelming joy I felt in giving a gift wrapped in custom printed gift wrap.