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Little Warrior Personalized Photo Gift Wrapping Paper

      Once upon a time, there were four little girls: Maddie, Aleah, Nadia, and Katie. This unlikely quartet met in karate class and later took ballet classes together. Which they preferred was never known, but they created their own brand of rough-and-tumble park royalty after each class. Equipt with juice boxes, orange slices, princess dresses, and karate kicks they would descend upon the park, their queendom, each afternoon post classes.

    As a band of little warriors, they would feast and celebrate important holidays together. Birthday parties, Halloween trick-or-treats, Winter holiday parties, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Feasts, Midsummer celebrations, the whole gambit! There was no celebration complete without the quartet, their parents, and cupcakes.

     And then, one day, an announcement made unrest came to the land. Maddie and her mom were moving to a different state for a job opportunity. It was a very good job in finance for a very good company in the tech industry.

     “We sure are going to miss you and Maddie when you move away!” Katie’s Mom said, handing out the juice boxes after karate that day. The little girls escaped with the juice boxes to a shady patch of grass. “At least we’ll have one last birthday party for Maddie before you go!”

      Naturally, as the little warriors had become close in their adventures, their parents came close advisers and confidants to one another. Three mothers and one father were the ones that tended to accompany the children on their quests of park exploration.

     “I know, I hope we can find another group of little warrior girls for Maddie to play with,” Maddie’s Mom answered, watching the little girls jump and kick with their karate moves on the grass. “It feels like a very special little group and might be hard to replicate.”

     Aleah gave a very loud “Hi-ya!” and the other girls squealed with excitement before answering with the same phrase.

     “What are you guys doing?” Aleah’s Dad yelled out.

     “Combat ballet!” Nadia called back.

      Nadia’s Mom nearly spit out her caramel macchiato. Both Aleah’s Dad and Maddie’s Mom laughed heartily. “That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in my life. These kids come up with the greatest material.” Katie’s Mom said, whipping out her phone. “I’m going to document this! Because I have an idea.” She rushes off to get the girls posing.

     Two weeks and a mountain of packed boxes later, the foursome descended upon their queendom of the local park, now bedecked with streamers, a pinata, and other birthday party games fit for Little Warriors. There was much feasting upon gloriously rose gold cupcakes, cookies, tarts, pastries, and cake. It was an extravaganza for a fantastic send-off.

     With the rogue pinata destroyed, duels won, and little warrior dance-offs achieved, it was time for the gifts. Aleah’s Dad, Nadia’s Mom, and Katie’s Mom hid these until it was time for the unveiling. Even Maddie’s Mom was in suspense, as she was curious as to what the big secret could have been.

      Once revealed, Maddie’s mom could have cried, and Maddie herself said, “Cool.” Each gift wrapped in paper with scenes of their various adventures through karate, ballet, and park adventures. Maddie almost didn’t want to ruin them by tearing them up. Luckily, there were extra pictures taken to remember this moment.

      "It’s okay sweetie. You can open them.” With a turn to the parents, Maddie’s Mom asked, “Where did you find this?”

      “On They have a bunch of designs, and we each got a roll to make today extra special.” Katie’s Mom said, proudly looking at the other parents. “We wanted to make it a last birthday together to remember.”

     And there was much rejoicing.

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