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Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

With Christmas coming up, I know you're probably hunting for the perfect gifts for everyone. You and Lynn always love to compete for the title of the year's best gift-giver. I wanted to let you in on a little secret to give you the advantage over her this year.

Here it is: How the gift is wrapped can make a big difference.

Lynn always uses the same boring wrapping paper for everyone's presents, so no one really pays attention to the gift wrap. This is where you can make your gifts stand out and even make the gifts themselves feel more personal and thoughtful.

There's a website called where you can actually create custom wrapping paper. Imagine what Lynn will say when she sees all of your presents for her have family photos on them. Or you could make a unique gift wrap for each family member with their faces on them. I know how much you love all your pets, so you could even make a gift wrap with Jager, Quinn, Tango, and Baby on it!

Basically, no matter what you put on it, your gifts will already be the favorites before any of them are even opened!

Don't worry, it's super easy to do, you just select what design you want and then upload the photos you want to use. They've got a whole bunch of designs that you would love. You don't even need to use your computer, you can do it all on your phone, and it's so easy you won't even need to call me for help. Remember how Oma always unwraps presents so carefully without a single tear so she can save it?

I'll bet everyone will be unwrapping your presents like that this year! See you at Christmas!


Love, Matthew

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