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Carrie Weimer

Michael Drysdale


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Former Professional Auto Racer and Successful Local Entrepreneur Starts Innovative New Businesss


FunGiftWrap.com Is the Place for Custom, Professionally Designed Gift Wrap ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

July 13, 2018 — Carrie Weimer used to focus on winning auto races by being the fastest driver on the track. Now, the talented graphic designer and former professional racer applies her winning skills to being fastest to the market with innovative new ideas. Using a simple upload process, Weimer’s latest venture, FunGiftWrap.com, is an Internet-based business that offers consumers professionally designed wrapping paper created out of any digital photo they choose — allowing people’s favorite faces, places and moments to jump straight off the screen to deliver a one-of-a-kind gift-giving experience.

After nearly two decades in the design business, primarily focused on creating the highest-quality vinyl graphics for amateur and professional auto racers, as well as banners and custom murals for businesses, Weimer and her partner, dad Michael Drysdale, are enthusiastic about applying her skills and capabilities as well as her unmatched experience to a new enterprise that reaches a vastly different audience.

“When we give someone a gift, it’s an expression of our love and caring,” Weimer said. “The best gifts are highly personal, demonstrating that we know and understand a person’s hopes, dreams, and wishes. We thought, ‘How can you go beyond the gift itself to make the gift-giving an event — something that will be celebrated even more by the recipient?’ The answer is to make the wrapping paper as personal as the gift is.”

Driven for Success

21 years ago, Weimer started her small business as so many entrepreneurs do — at home, in this case on her kitchen table — creating custom vinyl graphics for racecars. As an avid racer herself, Weimer has long had a passion for all things motor sports-related and a vision to focus that passion into developing a successful company. Her hard work, dedication, and attention to detail rapidly transformed the homegrown project into a booming business. Today, Weimer runs Millers Vinyl Graphics out of the Club Auto Sport business community in North San Jose, California — creating high-quality signs, banners, and custom decals.

Weimer’s creativity extends to every aspect of her life. She loves to make custom gifts for friends and family using the same design talent and sophisticated equipment that she relies on in her business.

Recently, she was faced with a dilemma — she had a gift for her nephew’s 6th  birthday party, but no wrapping paper. The invitation to the party had included a photo of her nephew, complete with a giant, toothless grin. Weimer was inspired by the photo, and designed her very own wrapping paper. The star of the show? Her nephew and his toothless smiling face, surrounded by the number “6” in the shape of a birthday candle. And thus, FunGiftWrap.com was born.

The Gift Is in the Wrap

Gift wrap from FunGiftWrap.com is so much more than your traditional wrapping paper. Using superior, thick, German crafted durable paper, this gift wrap is made to last. And the paper is produced on a high-quality digital press, so the images are exquisite — printed in full color to the highest photographic quality, to bring your loved one’s photos to life. This gift wrap will set your present apart from all others before the recipient even picks it up.

FunGiftWrap.com offers consumers the chance to be as creative or as time-efficient as they like. Customers can build their own personalized, made-to-order product completely from scratch, or choose from one of many stunning templates. Just upload one or more photos to be seamlessly integrated into Weimer’s professionally created design patterns, providing the look-and-feel of a fully customized product without having to take a graphic-design course.

For the gift giver, wrapping paper from FunGiftWrap.com is a way to stand out from the crowd this Christmas or on your loved one’s next birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, with a unique gift-giving experience from start to finish. For the recipient, it’s so much more than a traditional opening of presents.

“Our goal is to transform gift giving by taking the experience beyond the giving of a thing to the sharing of a true personal connection with a loved one,” explained Weimer. “Personalized wrapping paper customized with a precious photo does precisely that. It will be a memory that will be cherished long after the present itself is forgotten.”

For more information, visit FunGiftWrap.com. Or contact Carrie Weimer or Mike Drysdale at (408) 428-9393. (or perhaps you’d prefer info@millersvinyl.com)

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